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Gaming is hugely popular industry and millions of gamers around the world do like to spend their time by hooking up with their own favourite games on a respective gaming PCs. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor for FPS Player, then here we have compiled all the basic guidelines which you should know about this gaming monitors for the First Person Shooters.

FPS is a short form of First Person Shooting, FPS is one of the most popular categories in gaming and thousands of players around the world do like to choose exciting action packed FPS games over playing other categories. FPS games are fast paced games with a lot of exciting stuffs to explore. You too can get the best of entertainment by playing your favourite FPS games on a respective gaming console.

First and foremost thing requires is a fast and less complex gaming monitor for the fast paced FPS games. Lag free and cutting edge monitors handles up everything well and this is the only reason why you should choose such gaming monitor if you are into competitive FPS player.

If you are confused and don’t know about the best gaming monitor for competitive FPS player, following points will help you out to help you out.

Point 1 : Check the Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is the most essential thing when it comes to choose an ideal gaming monitor for your system. Refresh Rate is how many number of times an image is refreshes in a second. The higher the Refresh Rate, the good the screen resolution and smoothness of the games would be. So we recommend you to kindly keep an eye on the Refresh Rate of the Monitor first.

Typically, there are three types of gaming monitors available with different Refresh Rate with 60hz, 120hz and 144hz. Currently, most of the gaming monitors come with 144hz Refresh Rate. However, it requires a high-end CPU which would offer great user interface at the same time with smooth gaming experience at your end.

Point 2 : Response Time

Response Time can be seen on the packages of the monitor’s screen and all the manufacturers can see the Response Time of their Monitor on the Specs sheet. Response Time is depend upon the Panel Type. The Response Time is displayed with 1ms for Twisted Nematic panel and 4ms for In-Plane Switching panels.

Here, you need to have fast Response Time which is essential for good graphical interface. Since First Person Shooting games require highly configured PCs, the Response Time of the gaming monitor should be higher.

Point 3 : Resolution of the Gaming Monitor

Screen Resolution is the first thing you should consider before buying a new gaming monitor for your FPS. The higher the resolution, the higher configured system it will require. Basically, there are three types of screen resolutions available in the market for the gaming monitors and you need to choose the suitable one for your gaming time.

We recommend you to kindly choose the screen resolution of your gaming computer with 1080p i.e. HD resolution. As it would be compatible with all the devices and consoles and you can simply get a smoother user interface and gaming experience with this monitor. The other consoles would require high configuration and that is the only reason why you should go with the full HD resolution.

Point 4 : Panel Type

Basically, there are two types of panels available in the market for the gaming monitors. TN or Twisted Nematic and IPS.

If we talk about the Panels, TN is the most popular panel type which is available on most of the current generation gaming monitors. However, it has some limitations and that is the reason why the latest and high graphics game would not be compatible to load on these panels.

IPS panels are widely preferred by the gamers which can be easily compatible with all types of consoles and devices. It comes with good color capabilities with exciting viewing angles at the same time. IPS panels are 4ms GTG response rate and this is the only drawback on this panel on the gaming monitor. You have to sacrifice with the Screen Response Rate if you go with the IPS Panel.

So folks, these were all the points which are essential for the competitive FPS players. If you would like to play FPS games on your system, make sure to choose the high configuration PC system as FPS games come with a set of system requirements with high processor on the system, an advanced graphical unit, more RAM and much more.

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