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This is a Marvel Superhero film that is based on the Marvel character known as Thor, the God of lightening. The main producers of the Movie are Marvel Studios while the main distributors of the film are Disney Motion pictures. The Movie is the third installment in the Thor franchise following Thor 1 that was released in the year 2011 and Thor, The Dark World, that was released in the year 2013. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is considered to be the seventeenth film.

Thor Ragnarok


Surtur’s Crown

The movie opens two years after the battle of Sokovia where Thor is imprisoned by Surtur in Muspelheim. Surtur gives the revelation that Odin, Thor’s father, is no longer on Asgard and that Ragnarök will soon destroy the realm. Ragnarök would only be imposed if Surtur’s crown was placed inside the Eternal fire that is in Odin’s vault. Thor ends up defeating Surtur and takes his crown believing that he has stopped Ragnarok.

Hela, Daughter of Odin

Thor goes back to Asgard only to find Loki posing as Odin and forces him to aid in finding their father. Through the help of Doctor Strange, they locate him in Norway where he reveals that he is about to die and that his death would release his firstborn daughter, Hela.

Reign of terror

Odin dies, eventually and Hela is released. Her first act is to destroy Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and then she forces her brothers into space. She then resurrects the armies that she fought with and her giant wolf known as Fenris. As her executioner, she appoints Skurge.


Thor lands in the planet of Sakaar and is captured by Scrapper 142. He is sold off to the Grandmaster as a Gladiater where he battles with the Hulk. He finds Loki already acquainted with the grandmaster. Thor manages to convince the Hulk as well as 142 to help him defeat Hela. The other gladiators are also liberated and revolt against the Grandmaster.

The Battle

They go into Asgard and face Hela in battle. Thor loses an eye and has a vision from Odin that reveals to him that the only way to stop Hela is through Ragnarök. So Thor finds the crown of Surtur and places it in the Eternal fire giving life to Surtur who destroys Asgard and, apparently, Hela. Thor and the Asgardians escape in a ship stolen from the grandmaster and Thor, the newly appointed King, decides to relocate his people to earth.


The Good

The new Thor movie had a new director Taika Waititi who had a new take to the lightning hurling demigod. He wanted to change the current perception of the demigod from a character filled with loss to the likable character that is in most comic books. Waititi made the movie more bold and, much to the joy of thousands of Thor fans, he succeeded in epic proportions. He was able to inculcate numerous elements from the MCU into one movie of epic proportions. Waititi Says he realized that all of the elements were part of one world that existed simultaneously and thus, he placed all of them in the movie. This is the reason the movie has dragons, spaceships, demons, the godess of death, wormholes and even lasers in a Thor movie. It is easy to have chaos in the midst of all these elements but Waititi had the perfect recipe to make the movie a success. Waititi also included the aspect of gonzo humor that was absent in the Thor movies thus making Ragnarök as funny as the Guardians of the Galaxy. The director was also keen on character development explaining why the new movie has brought out the Thor character, played by Chris Hemsworth, as a easy-going character who has room for personal growth. He shows the development of Thor into the king he is required to be while retaining his humor and charm.

The new characters introduced by Waititi are also loved by many including Korg who is voiced by Waititi himself. Blanchett’s character, Hela, was created by Jack Kirby.

The Bad

The humor adopted by Waititi can be described as an acquired taste. A good majority of the viewers reported not liking it. Also, the movie is, at least, PG-13 owing to the strong language used as well as some scenes that portray partial nudity. The violence, albeit not gory or bloody, is constant and not something fit for children.

Thor Ragnarök is a definite must-watch. It is rated highly among movie critics with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a score of 93%. The inculcation of so many elements of the MCU makes this movie among the best Marvel movies of all time.

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