Movie Box and Other Cool Apps That You Can Get for iOS 11

Have you got a brand-new iPhone or are you planning to get one? Are you wondering which apps would be best for your iPhone? If yes, then let us help you explore some of the best apps for iOS 11, which will simply blow away your mind. The apps for iPhone are in plenty and it will certainly take you time to maneuver and get the best apps for your phone. So, let us help you with your choices so that you can save your time of searching and maximize your amazing experience with the apps. We are sure you are excited!

#1. Edison Mail

The Apple Mail application is quite cumbersome and you may not find it quite intuitive if you are habituated to Gmail or other good emailing platforms. The iOS 11 does not provide such a good interface for mailing if you compare it with Gmail and hence, you need Edison Mail, which will give you a superb experience with mailing. It is as fast as a lightning and it is free of cost. What can get better than this for mailing? You can even avail features like automatic flight tracking, gesture recognition and smart sorting of mails.

#2. Google Maps

This must be obvious for you. Apple Maps is not any better than Google Maps and if you travel a bit too often, then you definitely need Google Maps on your iPhone. Who else can help you navigate to your destination when you are lost on your way in a strange city? This app is a must on your iPhone and it works quite well with all its complex algorithms. Next time, you hit the roads or walk on the streets as a traveler, pull out your iPhone and you won’t need a tour guide ever in life.

#3. Movie Box

If you are one of those people who just cannot live without watching entertaining content free of cost on the mobile phone, then MovieBox is a must for your iPhone. This app helps you to get TV shows and movies online for free and get all of them sorted in categories. The best part about this app is that it gets you access to all kinds of latest entertainment content for free. If you are a movie-buff but hectic work schedule does not let you watch favorite TV shows at home, get this app to watch content on the go anytime.

#4. Dark Sky

You always need someone to guide you on weather updates. Though Apple iPhone has its own default weather update app, you definitely deserve something better. The hyper-local forecasts on weather will reach you much before the weather actually strikes you. You will be notified if you need a sunscreen or an umbrella. Weather updates must say much more than just telling the temperature and the mood of the sky. Get frequent updates on what’s going on in the weather around you. Dark Sky is available on App Store and has got amazing app reviews too.

#5. Clarity Money

What if your iPhone could be much more than just a smartphone? What if it could be your finance manager? Clarity Money is a superb app that helps you track your budget efficiently and lets you know when you are going over the board with your expenses. The app helps you to plan your spending and inspires you to start saving money. Available on App Store, this is an amazing app for all those who want to have someone to remind them of their spending behavior.

Get these apps on your iPhone and make your life much simpler than it has ever been.

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