Daniel Radcliffe in Beast of Burden :Trailer Review

Ever since the Harry Potter movie series, Daniel Radcliffe has earned immense popularity and praise for his acting skills. Alongside Harry Potter, Daniel acted in some of the other movies that turned out to be really amazing. Now he is really transforming into a more serious actor and Beast of Burden is an evidence to that. This movie seems a lot matured and complicated story for a stature such as Radcliffe’s. The trailer looks very promising and the movie definitely seems unlike any other that is based on stories of drug cartels.

The Plot

Looking at the trailer, you can definitely say there is a lot of things going on in there. The story seems to be the story about a person who is working for drug cartel as a freelance dealer. He is somehow caught by the DEA and they seem to have been trying to offer him a deal. It looks like his wife is sick and needs a surgery. There is someone from DEA trying to get him to take them to the cartel. In return, he is offered a surgery and safety for his wife once he turns himself in.

Confused State

Daniel who is playing the role of the drug dealer and working for the cartel seems like he is caught in between the two sides. He is very confused whether to go on as a dealer or turn himself him to the authorities and expose the cartels. Though he looks like he is in contact with someone from DEA, there is something that is stopping him from doing it. Maybe the cartels gave him the opportunity to make money as a drug dealer and he does not want to betray them. Because he will have to live with that guilt and that can be a burden. I guess that is where the movie title ‘Beast of Burden’ fits well with the story.

Lack of Clarity

The trailer gives a good idea what the movie is all about and what could really happen. But a lot of things are still confusing; such as someone takes his wife and it is not clear whether it is the cartels or the DEA. I guess his involvement with the authorities is discovered by the cartels, which looks clear in the scene where people are shooting at his plane. But the trailer also shows a drone that is following his plane which kind of gives a hint that he changed his mind.

Loyalty, Love, and Responsibility

The trailer for this movie kind of shows the struggle of a drug dealer who is loyal to his bosses. On the other hand, he loves his wife very much and I guess he got into the drug business to support his wife’s surgery in first place. Maybe the DEA has captured his wife and they are in process of negotiating by assuring she will be taken care if he hands over the cartel. But he looks like he is not happy about it and wants to continue being loyal to the cartel.

The trailer suggests a lot of possibilities and the dealer caught amidst various touch situations. And he has got just one hour to make his choice who he really wants to go with. Either way, he will have to carry the burden. The trailer definitely looks intriguing and makes you want to watch the movie.

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