This potty-mouthed, tender tragedy-cum-comedy sees life and death collide with condemnation and redemption. There are hints of the Western with themes of vigilante justice and Medieval themes like rape, murder, and vengeance. In a nutshell, a grief-stricken mother name and shames the police officers who have failed to identify or catch her daughter’s murderer.

British-Irish director Martin McDonagh once again brings inappropriate giggles to the extremely serious subject matter. But most importantly, he recognizes the chaotic nihilism of the narrative with a sorrowful meditation on the all-consuming poison of rage. Characters struggle to make some semblance of sense out of the chaos, and the dark humor of the movie is dwarfed by the sincerity of the mission statement.

After grieving for seven months following the murder of her daughter, Angela, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) has the local roadside billboards adorned with comments taunting police chief Willoughby (Woody Harrelson) for his inability to find a suspect. In Mildred’s words, the police are “too busy torturing black folks” to actually solve any crimes. Bozo cop Jason Dixon (Sam Rockwell) is also along for the ride and often embodies the very things Mildred ridicules about the police.

Beneath the exterior, however, even the most seemingly cold-hearted of Ebbing’s residents live complex existences. Adman Red Welby (Caleb Landry Jones) significantly reads “A Good Man is Hard to Find’, while Willoughby is really a family man who always attempts to see the good in everyone, including the abrasive and infantile Dixon. And even Mildred, though understandable, struggles with demons that torture her already-suffering son as she pursues her guilt-driven grudge. She truly wrestles with the possibility that God doesn’t exist and the world is full of emptiness and meaninglessness.

There are nods to the great spaghetti Westerns like ‘High Noon,’ and also references to the classic American gothic epitomized by movies like Psycho. It is a parable, with a realism underscored by an almost magical presence that really captures the tone of the US landscape. From depicting those lonely billboards in the morning mist to shots of flames that echo the burning crosses of the Ku Klux Klan, the viewer is never far removed from the fine balance between chaos and tragedy.

The cast is impressive and brings meat and depth to even the film’s peripheral characters. And McDormand finds her ultimate character in the deadpan fury that Mildred exudes. She speaks volumes without saying a word, adding to the brilliance of the script’s dialogue. Her body language throughout speaks of her determination and conflictedness as she enacts her plot.

It is for the viewer to decide whether these characters are on paths to redemption or destruction. There are no clear-cut moral absolutes, but some interpretations have caused a backlash from certain critics. Talk of awards for the film has brought more heat onto the debate, but perhaps some are missing the point. The racial politics aren’t the ultimate thing to contemplate; rather we should ponder the chaos that is left in the wake of violence, and the possibility that with careful reflection we can transcend its hateful, toxic legacy.

You can watch the movie for yourself now on ShowBox APK for PC and see what side of the debate you fall on. The dark comedy and punchy script work as well as in any of McDonagh’s films, but the tragedy of the characters’ experiences is what you will remember most.

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This is a Marvel Superhero film that is based on the Marvel character known as Thor, the God of lightening. The main producers of the Movie are Marvel Studios while the main distributors of the film are Disney Motion pictures. The Movie is the third installment in the Thor franchise following Thor 1 that was released in the year 2011 and Thor, The Dark World, that was released in the year 2013. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is considered to be the seventeenth film.

Thor Ragnarok


Surtur’s Crown

The movie opens two years after the battle of Sokovia where Thor is imprisoned by Surtur in Muspelheim. Surtur gives the revelation that Odin, Thor’s father, is no longer on Asgard and that Ragnarök will soon destroy the realm. Ragnarök would only be imposed if Surtur’s crown was placed inside the Eternal fire that is in Odin’s vault. Thor ends up defeating Surtur and takes his crown believing that he has stopped Ragnarok.

Hela, Daughter of Odin

Thor goes back to Asgard only to find Loki posing as Odin and forces him to aid in finding their father. Through the help of Doctor Strange, they locate him in Norway where he reveals that he is about to die and that his death would release his firstborn daughter, Hela.

Reign of terror

Odin dies, eventually and Hela is released. Her first act is to destroy Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and then she forces her brothers into space. She then resurrects the armies that she fought with and her giant wolf known as Fenris. As her executioner, she appoints Skurge.


Thor lands in the planet of Sakaar and is captured by Scrapper 142. He is sold off to the Grandmaster as a Gladiater where he battles with the Hulk. He finds Loki already acquainted with the grandmaster. Thor manages to convince the Hulk as well as 142 to help him defeat Hela. The other gladiators are also liberated and revolt against the Grandmaster.

The Battle

They go into Asgard and face Hela in battle. Thor loses an eye and has a vision from Odin that reveals to him that the only way to stop Hela is through Ragnarök. So Thor finds the crown of Surtur and places it in the Eternal fire giving life to Surtur who destroys Asgard and, apparently, Hela. Thor and the Asgardians escape in a ship stolen from the grandmaster and Thor, the newly appointed King, decides to relocate his people to earth.


The Good

The new Thor movie had a new director Taika Waititi who had a new take to the lightning hurling demigod. He wanted to change the current perception of the demigod from a character filled with loss to the likable character that is in most comic books. Waititi made the movie more bold and, much to the joy of thousands of Thor fans, he succeeded in epic proportions. He was able to inculcate numerous elements from the MCU into one movie of epic proportions. Waititi Says he realized that all of the elements were part of one world that existed simultaneously and thus, he placed all of them in the movie. This is the reason the movie has dragons, spaceships, demons, the godess of death, wormholes and even lasers in a Thor movie. It is easy to have chaos in the midst of all these elements but Waititi had the perfect recipe to make the movie a success. Waititi also included the aspect of gonzo humor that was absent in the Thor movies thus making Ragnarök as funny as the Guardians of the Galaxy. The director was also keen on character development explaining why the new movie has brought out the Thor character, played by Chris Hemsworth, as a easy-going character who has room for personal growth. He shows the development of Thor into the king he is required to be while retaining his humor and charm.

The new characters introduced by Waititi are also loved by many including Korg who is voiced by Waititi himself. Blanchett’s character, Hela, was created by Jack Kirby.

The Bad

The humor adopted by Waititi can be described as an acquired taste. A good majority of the viewers reported not liking it. Also, the movie is, at least, PG-13 owing to the strong language used as well as some scenes that portray partial nudity. The violence, albeit not gory or bloody, is constant and not something fit for children.

Thor Ragnarök is a definite must-watch. It is rated highly among movie critics with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a score of 93%. The inculcation of so many elements of the MCU makes this movie among the best Marvel movies of all time.

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The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ is simply a must-watch. In fact, what makes this series flourish is its exceptional cast. It is difficult to turn away from Donatella Versace who is wearing a black veil as she comes to her brother’s dead body. Gianni is authoritative and silently contrived, Max Greenfield who is outstanding as a South Beach junkie who has differences with Cunanan and survives. Murphy has always managed to squash all the juice out of his actors.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace is an American Crime story that narrates the tale of homophobia back in the 1990’s through the contemporary view which is interested in wiping out the boundaries between the past and the present which is intensified by the drama of both. Versace’s murder is what makes “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” reels backwards instead of moving forward. Every new episode comes out in a chronological way, in a memento kind of style clearly indicating that some vital truths about the highly elusive assassin, well versed in the art of camouflage.

For a film that has Gianni Versace’s name as its label, Ramirez’s outstanding act picks less real estate compared to the tale of Andrew Cunanan who is compulsive, obsessive liar, a fraudster and a spree killer who literary killed himself even before telling the police his motives. The series is centred on Maureen Orth’s book “Vulgar Favors” which accentuates not just Cunanan’s track to Versace’s castle steps but also looks at how his search was bungled by the established order simply because Cunanan was gay.

That notwithstanding, the law and order that is seen in the 1st season choose a story that emphasizes an immense struggle of the gay personality that varies between the eroding shame of Cunanan’s own despairing endeavouring and resourceful warmness of Versace. This is not a tale about the mechanism of a trial but about Versace himself. It takes the absenteeism of Cunanan’s enthusiasm and deduces a character from Orth’s background.

The best part of understanding the character falls solely on Tom Rob Smith who is the playwright and Darren Criss with unexpected outcomes. In his outer his haven, Darren Criss (Andrew Cunanan), an energetic kid is running on the beach as he opens his rucksack to have a glimpse of the weapon inside. He walks into the ocean as he screams into the waves. The drama is heightened as his struggle is seen, something that is intriguing to the audience.

It is difficult to blame Criss for his remarkable performance in his career or Smith for bringing together the facts about Cunanan into a story about specific concerns of gay personality. In fact, watching this show makes you feel like Criss is virtually born for this starring role. Cunanan who is half Filipino is, in fact, more than an assassin with no suspense since we see him killing his first victim when the story unfolds. That the chilly effect created by the creepiness and scary nature of the character has contributed to keeping the audience riveted to the story. By the time Cunanan kills his fourth victim, the suspense is heightened with fear prompting editing. Even though Criss is doing his level best, the narrative in itself will still revolve this promising assassin more than the shock aspect that is given that would give you a scary jump.

The fascinating thing about the show is that it is a must watch. With Cunanan being the only character appearing in each episode only depicts that strange lives have little significance to legal execution in the world of Ryan Murphy though they deserve care irrespective of the reputation or affluence.

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Ever since the Harry Potter movie series, Daniel Radcliffe has earned immense popularity and praise for his acting skills. Alongside Harry Potter, Daniel acted in some of the other movies that turned out to be really amazing. Now he is really transforming into a more serious actor and Beast of Burden is an evidence to that. This movie seems a lot matured and complicated story for a stature such as Radcliffe’s. The trailer looks very promising and the movie definitely seems unlike any other that is based on stories of drug cartels.

The Plot

Looking at the trailer, you can definitely say there is a lot of things going on in there. The story seems to be the story about a person who is working for drug cartel as a freelance dealer. He is somehow caught by the DEA and they seem to have been trying to offer him a deal. It looks like his wife is sick and needs a surgery. There is someone from DEA trying to get him to take them to the cartel. In return, he is offered a surgery and safety for his wife once he turns himself in.

Confused State

Daniel who is playing the role of the drug dealer and working for the cartel seems like he is caught in between the two sides. He is very confused whether to go on as a dealer or turn himself him to the authorities and expose the cartels. Though he looks like he is in contact with someone from DEA, there is something that is stopping him from doing it. Maybe the cartels gave him the opportunity to make money as a drug dealer and he does not want to betray them. Because he will have to live with that guilt and that can be a burden. I guess that is where the movie title ‘Beast of Burden’ fits well with the story.

Lack of Clarity

The trailer gives a good idea what the movie is all about and what could really happen. But a lot of things are still confusing; such as someone takes his wife and it is not clear whether it is the cartels or the DEA. I guess his involvement with the authorities is discovered by the cartels, which looks clear in the scene where people are shooting at his plane. But the trailer also shows a drone that is following his plane which kind of gives a hint that he changed his mind.

Loyalty, Love, and Responsibility

The trailer for this movie kind of shows the struggle of a drug dealer who is loyal to his bosses. On the other hand, he loves his wife very much and I guess he got into the drug business to support his wife’s surgery in first place. Maybe the DEA has captured his wife and they are in process of negotiating by assuring she will be taken care if he hands over the cartel. But he looks like he is not happy about it and wants to continue being loyal to the cartel.

The trailer suggests a lot of possibilities and the dealer caught amidst various touch situations. And he has got just one hour to make his choice who he really wants to go with. Either way, he will have to carry the burden. The trailer definitely looks intriguing and makes you want to watch the movie.

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